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9 Steps To Successful Selling


  • Delegates will leave this Steps to Successful Selling course with a clear and structured approach to selling
  • The course focuses on how to keep control of a sales conversation or meeting by understanding the ‘game’ of selling, and how to navigate towards a positive outcome and clear Next Step.


  • What IS Selling? A formula for Sales Success
  • Qualities of Excellence
  • Inside the head of an advertiser – buyer tactics
  • What do advertisers want from media owners today?

Sales Structure

  • The 9 Step Sales Structure and its importance today
  • Preparing to sell to a new client
  • The 10 second exercise

Questioning & Pitching

  • Using Questions to sell + exercise
  • Summarising skills
  • Delivering your pitch – Features, Advantages & Benefits

Objection Handling and Closing

  • Objection types
  • When and how to respond
  • How to overcome an objection + role play exercises
  • Creating urgency and asking for the business (closing questions)