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2 Day Sales Management Master Class


  • Our Sales Management Master Class will support new managers or those who have been promoted into management by providing a comprehensive overview of all responsibilities and processes

  • By the end of this 2-day programme, delegates will leave with a clear road map for effective sales management and a set of practical actions to implement in order to deliver enhanced business results


Day 1: Business Management

Management Styles and Obligations

  • Defining Sales Management
  • Management Styles – which are you?
  • Agreeing your vision
  • Formula for Sales Success

Setting Standards

  • What does ‘good’ look like?
  • Expectations and behaviours
  • Personal organisation for selling
  • The role of the CRM and expectations across teams

Strategic Selling

  • The importance of taking a strategic approach to client allocation and management across your team

Assessing your client base to aid time management and account planning: the questions we need to ask

  • Putting the CRM in the heart of sales management
  • Rules of engagement for client management

Sales Planning

  • Introducing a culture of effective sales planning for effective forecasting and team management5 Step process for effective sales planning
  • Analysing past performance to drive business goals and activities
  • Template – what to include

Day 2: Performance Management

Key Performance Indicators and Setting Objectives

  • What’s a KPI and why do they matter? Examples
  • Measuring sales activity and performance
  • Setting SMART Objectives + exercise

Delivering Feedback and running effective 121s

  • Using 121s to manage and motivate
  • How to structure your 121Data-led discussions
  • Data-led discussions
  • Recording and reviewing outcomes
  • Using FEVER to deliver constructive feedback

Developing and Coaching your Team

  • Integrating coaching into day to day selling
  • Getting the most from joint sales meetings
  • Coaching performance based on proof
  • Developing a coaching and development plan for each member of your team

Sales Motivation and Action Plan

  • Understanding motivation (especially re ‘millennials’)
  • The motivation quiz and how to use it
  • Creating a Motivational Calendar to maintain ‘buzz’
  • Your Management Action Plan: Top Tips to Takeaway