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Sales Training Courses 2022

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Tuesday 9th August /Tuesday 1st Nov

10am – 5pm

£205 + VAT

  • Essential skills for sales success TODAY
  • Understanding the Buyer Mindset
  • 9 Step Sales Structure (and why it matters)
  • Top tips for a successful pitch and close

Thursday 13th October : 2pm – 5pm

£135 + VAT

  • Why Account Management matters in 2022
  • Qualities of Excellence
  • Influencing different personality types
  • Building your contact strategy

Thursday 27th October: 10am – 5pm

£205 + VAT

  • 5 sales profiles: which is winning?
  • Strategic selling and sales planning
  • Leading with insight: pre pitch preparation
  • Advanced questioning and closing skills

Thursday 20th Sept /Tuesday 29th Nov

2pm – 5pm

£135 + VAT

  • What IS Closing and what are the barriers?
  • Creating urgency through questioning
  • Closing Methods and when to close
  • Creating urgency in your pitch/proposal

Next date TBC : HALF DAY (AM)

£135 + VAT

  • OQMC: a structure for your calls
  • Organising yourself & preparation checklist
  • The First 10 seconds: establishing relevance
  • Essential questions and matching needs

Wednesday 28th Sept/Thursday 15th Dec 2pm – 5pm

£135 + VAT

  • AIDA – sales proposal structure for 2022
  • Writing for the decision making unit
  • Summary on a Page: how to keep it concise
  • Pitching with Proof

Tuesday 6th September:FULL DAY

£205 + VAT

  • Why do brands advertise?
  • Agencies and clients: how they buy
  • Essential skills to succeed in media sales
  • How to sell in a competitive market

Tuesday 29th Nov : 10.30am – 12.30pm

£99 + VAT

  • The role of the gatekeeper – friend or foe?
  • Top Tips for selling to influencers
  • Buidling advocates
  • How to effectively target decision makers in 2022

Thursday 18th October: 2pm – 5pm

£135 + VAT

  • Essential skills for negotiating with confidence
  • Preparing to negotiate: 4 possible outcomes
  • Establishing and ranking your variables
  • Controlled bargaining to get to 'YES'

Thursday 15th Sept : 2pm – 5pm

£99+ VAT

  • What IS Social Selling and why it matters
  • Profile Check: are you ready to connect?
  • How to build your network
  • Effective posts and getting the tone right

Thursday 20th Sept/Thursday 15th Dec

10am – 1pm

£135 + VAT

  • What IS an objection & buyer tactics
  • Identifying Objection types
  • How and when to respond
  • Using proof and trial closing

Thursday 13th Oct: 11am – 1pm

£99 + VAT

  • Personal organisation to increase productivity
  • Prioritising and Procrastinating
  • Systems for effectiveness: diaries & task lists
  • Managing stress and your well-being

Wednesday 28th Sept: 10am – 1pm

£135 + VAT

  • Where do creative ideas come from?
  • The benefits to a brand
  • Agreeing metrics and deliverables
  • Top Tips for a creative solutions proposal

Tuesday 6th Dec : 10am – 5pm

£205 + VAT

  • 10+ distinct benefits of a digital ad solution
  • Latest trends: what's working and why
  • Jargon Buster – build your confidence
  • Essential questions to ask ahead of your pitch

Thursday 15th Sept: 10am – 1pm

£135 + VAT

  • Defining 'Sponsorship' and brand benefits
  • Which clients to target and why
  • Agreeing data-points and reporting
  • Questioning to interrogate sponsor needs

Thursday 10th Nov: 10am – 1pm

£135+ VAT

  • The role of your presentation
  • Qualities of Excellence 2022
  • How to create engagement and interaction
  • Top Tips for structure and delivery

Thursday 10th Nov : 2pm – 5pm

£135 + VAT

  • Holding the attention of time poor buyers
  • Probing questions for portfolio selling
  • Building a campaign solution
  • Reducing choice: recommendation vs menu
  • How to present your multi-platform solution

Next date TBC: HALF DAY (AM)

£135 + VAT

  • How to sell a video meeting: buyer benefits
  • Preparation Essentials Updated
  • How to structure the meeting for maximum engagement
  • Conversational Pitching to prompt feedback

NEW for 2022

Networking Skills at Events

Managing Remote Teams

This new workshop shares the experience of what we've seen working across many remote sales teams.

We'll cover how to keep your team positive and energised and the management style most appropriate as teams continue to work from home.

The course is filled with practical ideas for supporting new starters and techniques for remote onboarding.

By the end of the session, you'll have reconsidered how you set and agree objectives and standards for the team and we'll introduce the concept of 'the daily cadence' and how it can drive your management priorities.

Thursday 18th Oct: 10.30am – 12.30pm

£99 + VAT

  • Getting the most from business networking
  • Before you Go: Essential Preparation
  • How to open and exit networking conversations
  • Top Tips for building rapport
  • Managing difficult situations

Tuesday 16th August/Tuesday 15th Nov

10am – 5pm

£245 + VAT

  • Moving into management for the first time
  • Establishing your vision, management style and standards
  • Performance management: coaching and delivering feedback
  • Setting objectives and KPIs
  • How to recruit, on-board and motivate your team

9 Steps of Successful Selling

Our most popular workshop for anyone looking to sharpen their sales skills and process.

This course helps you rethink and update your sales approach and is ideal for those new to selling as well as anyone hoping to re-energise their approach in 2021.

By the end of the day, you will have a sales process to follow and a set of practical guidelines for making your first contact, selling the conversation, establishing and agreeing client needs and pitching your solution concisely.

We'll look at the barriers you are most likely to face and suggest workable ways to overcome these.

You'll leave with renewed excitement about selling and a fresh approach to put into immediate action!

Account Management

Your existing clients are business critical and the hot prospects of your competitors, so 5* account management is more important today than ever.

By the end of this course, you will have started to tier your existing client base and develop optimal account management strategies for each tier.

We'll explore how to manage communication channels and processes for effective account management, plus we'll focus on how to engage effectively with a range of personality types and influencers across the client decision-making unit.

You'll leave with a set of practical ideas for retaining and growing business from your existing clients, as well as top tips on dealing with difficult situations and negotiating win win outcomes

Advanced Selling Skills

You’ve probably been selling for some time and perhaps you’ve attended lots of training sessions too. This full day course is designed to update your skills for 2021.

With video and social selling now centre stage, how can you adapt your style to get the most from these new channels?

If relationship building has always been key to your success, perhaps this too needs to be reviewed now that we are increasingly selling to an invisible group rather than a known individual.

Assuming you're looking to improve your conversion rate as you pitch your media solutions to both new and existing clients, we guarantee you’ll leave this course with fresh ideas to immediately put into action.

Closing the Sale

Many of the sales professionals we meet share the frustration of 'radio silence' from clients who initially seem interested in their opportunities.

Deals don't close themselves and this workshop aims to highlight how and when to deploy closing skills.

From first contact, to sales emails, meetings and calls – closing and trial closing needs to be front of mind.

We'll explore how to focus on closing without being pushy – how to create urgency in your sales process which is client-centric and relates to buyer needs rather than your deadlines.

Even if the outcome is a 'No' for now – sellers need to achieve a decision and discover more about the buyer's mindset. This course should help!

Cold Calling for New Business

Cold calling is tough but there’s no doubt that it is still an essential way to generate new business and convert sales.

You will leave this 3 hour workshop with renewed confidence and a fresh approach to managing the call and trial closing.

No more scripted selling – you’ll learn how to create interest in the opening seconds of your call – even with gatekeepers!

The structured approach we will share ensures that you can get your prospect actively involved in the conversation and pitch your solution concisely and clearly.

We’ll look at why you MUST talk about money in the call and how to avoid the ‘send an email’ exit.

Effective Sales Proposals

You will leave this 3 hour workshop with a template for sales proposals which you can apply to all your emails and attachments.

We’ll explore what the buying unit needs to see and how to create sales proposals which deliver the detail as well as the essential top-line information.

By identifying the Essential Elements of an effective proposal, you’ll be able to review your writing style to ensure that you always clearly state your USPs and focus on client benefits.

Importantly, we’ll suggest how to create urgency through your writing skills so that you increase your chances of achieving feedback and commitment.

Introduction to Media Sales

If you're new to selling a media solution, this one day course is designed to help you 'hit the ground running'.

By the end of the day you will have a clear and current overview of the media industry and how media solutions are traded.

We'll ensure that you understand all the jargon surrounding commercial media solutions and clarify what it takes to achieve success in media sales in 2021.

You'll learn how to prepare and structure your sales calls and we'll make sure you're ready to respond to the most frequently encountered objections to a media sales pitch.

Managing Video Meetings

One of the more positive revelations of 2020 was the consensus that video meetings offer an amazingly efficient opportunity to meet and sell to our prospects and clients.

This 3 hour workshop will encourage you to relook at the value of a video meeting and what your goals should be each time you meet prospects and colleagues online.

We’ll explore how to sell and prepare for the meeting – up weighting what happens in advance in order to maximise the benefit of the video meeting itself.

By the end of the workshop you’ll be confident about how can you make your video meetings interactive and engaging and what can you do to achieve personal impact in your video communication.

Negotiation Skills

Whether you’re buying or selling, negotiation skills are business critical.

This 3 hour workshop will reveal your default negotiation style and the skillset essential to negotiate with confidence.

We'll look at the preparation and bargaining processes involved and consider the list of variables you can bring to your negotiations in order to protect your business and reputation.

You’ll leave this very practical workshop with essential phrases and language to use in all future negotiations plus renewed confidence around pricing and responding to buyer pressures.

Networking on LinkedIn

When your prospects are hard to locate and it's challenging to get a response to emails, LinkedIn becomes an essential communication channel for anyone in business.

By the end of this 2 hour workshop you will be clear on how best to use LinkedIn for prospecting and networking.

Working in small groups, we'll review your LinkedIn profile to ensure it fully reflects your personal brand.

We'll then consider a strategy for how to successfully approach new contacts and how to build your network – all using the free version of the platform.

Objection Handling & Closing

This 3-hour workshop aims to re-set your attitude towards overcoming objections and closing.

The pandemic has challenged seller confidence and empowered buyer power so this course is designed to re-boot your positivity and resilience.

By the end of the workshop you will be able to predict and identify objection types and know exactly when and how to respond.

The course also focuses on closing skills and how sellers can ‘nudge’ a sales conversation/email towards commitment to an agreed next step.

We’ll explore the various tried and tested closing techniques and highlight how sellers can season their pitches with urgency right from the start.

Time Management

It's never been more important to protect and organise your working hours.

This 2-hour workshop will suggest how you can increase your efficiency, retain your focus and keep moving forward.

At a time when your mental health and resilience are a top priority, this course offers the latest insights into how to organise yourself and your technology to prioritise your business and personal success.

Selling Creative Solutions

Can creative selling skills be learned by anyone?


This 3-hour workshop is designed to support those tasked with securing brand partnerships and pitching innovative ad solutions.

We'll look at why creative solutions are so critical for buyers and sellers and some of the theory behind the origination of creative ideas in advertising.

The course will consider buyer motivations and how to develop a creative solutions proposal which will satisfy the requirements of each part of the client decision-making unit.

By the end of the course you'll have a step-by-step approach to crafting relevant creative solutions for your clients.

Selling Digital Advertising

This one day workshop is designed for anyone selling digital advertising opportunities to their clients and agencies.

By the end of the day you will be able to clearly describe the distinct benefits of digital advertising solutions and how these can complement the other media channels you may be selling.

The course includes a 'jargon busting' session to ensure that delegates are confident about the language and acronyms associated with digital advertising.

We will work with attendees to identify the specific sales questions required in order to uncover the specific digital business needs of prospects and then how best to deliver a concise, relevant, benefit-led pitch.

All course content is updated regularly to incorporate latest digital trends, insights and innovations.

Selling Sponsorship

Sponsorship sales is an increasingly important revenue stream – especially in the world of events, both virtual and physical.

By the end of this half day workshop, you will be able to clearly describe the specific benefits of sponsorship (vs other forms of marketing and advertising).

We will work with you to develop your sponsorship sales strategy – helping to identify the profile of a prospect most likely to respond positively to a sponsorship opportunity.

With the unavoidable question of ROI in mind, this course will help you create a list of measurable data-points associated with sponsorship and you'll leave with a clear set of questions to help you understand the business priorities of your sponsorship prospect.

We'll also look at how to structure your sponsorship proposal and present price.

2022 Presentation Skills

If you haven't had the chance to do face to face presentations for some time, you may value the opportunity to update your skills both for physical and virtual pitches.

This short course offers a structure for your presentations together with top tips on how to deliver for engagement, feedback and impact.

You'll leave with increased confidence and a clear set of practical ideas for your next internal or client-facing presentation.

Selling your Portfolio

The chances are you have an increasing range of solutions to offer your clients – but getting and holding their attention is harder than ever.

This 3-hour workshop will help 'edit' your pitch so that you can confidently sell a bespoke media campaign rather than a menu of commercial options.

In an Attention Economy, we'll encourage you to look beyond your products and consider how to sell the relationship your brands have with their audiences.

We'll relook at the essential Need Find questions portfolio sellers must ask and then suggest how to respond (with pictures rather than paragraphs).

Strategic Selling

This workshop aims to provide a framework for smart selling.

We'll explore your key levers for business growth and how to take a data-led approach towards your team's sales efforts and activity.

The workshop will consider the role of your CRM system (whether it's Salesforce or an Excel spreadsheet!) and how strategic pipeline planning can help you save time and increase success rates.

Finally the course will help plan your working day and suggest how to organise yourself for maximum sales energy and effectiveness.

People Management Master Class

This course is aimed at those managing people for the first time who will benefit from fully understanding their obligations and responsibilities.

We'll look at the role and remit of a people manager and how to motivate others and manage their performance.

This course is designed to help managers establish their standards and processes so that feedback is eased and consistent.

If you are building a team, supporting others remotely and managing upwards, then this comprehensive course will provide a practical set of guidelines to fast-track your success.